•  Housekeeping need a couple people to keep roundhouse neat sweeping, trash Etc.

  • 4070 Work - 5 people needed every Saturday Welders, Labors, Parts cleaner and Painting.

  • Fruit Grower Box Car - 2 people needed remove old loose paint prep and re paint one side of car

  • Passenger Car #90 - 5 people needed for cleaning installing vestibule doors and painting doors recoat roof with roof material. Phase 2 install gen set and hot water heating system remove old system.

  • Passenger car #62 - 2 people needed to Install brake valves and clean car remove older system for new upcoming updates for car.

  • Mt Baxter - need 1 or 2 people to recoat the roof with roofing material.

  • Open House Volunteer - need to help run Open house on August 15, 16 and Photo shoot night on August 29.

Call Us:  216.781.3629

Assignment List:

Job changes on a regular pace keep checking in for new assignment on projects and work assignment from railroad crews for switching to restoration projects.

midwest railway preservation society

Please Let Us Know You Are Interested

  • Cover Hopper Car - Several people need to do welding patches on car and paint car for a display car.

  • Track Work - Need several people to help lay track around site on going.

  • Turntable - Paint deck and sandblast bridge for painting also some welding and other work.

  • Electrical Work - in control house.