MRPS is known through past years of service, operating the 4070 steam locomotive in the Cuyahoga Valley.  Although the 4070 is now undergoing mechanical repair and restoration, we continue to operate several diesel locomotives and run excursions every year.

Several train cars are restored and available for public viewing.  The red caboose sitting at the entrance to the roundhouse stands out against the darker steel buildings of the industrial flats.  Restored passenger coaches are used on excursions and displayed at various locations throughout the year.  The B&O boxcar is a showpiece within the MRPS yard, setting the standard for our future restoration efforts.


MRPS has a diverse collection of vintage cars and engines that represents northeast Ohio's railroading past.  Prior to restoration a wood sided reefer (left), used to keep fruits and vegetables cold during transport, has a member lettering the car body to accurately match the original paint scheme.  At the roundhouse our collection of cars patiently await restoration and rebirth for a new generation to experience.

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About Midwest Railway Preservation Society



Throughout the year we have many projects under restoration at any given time.  A 2005 project shows the transformation of a B&O bay window caboose.  The photo (Left) clearly shows the caboose has seen better days.  After restoration the caboose is a beacon and marker for the roundhouse entrance.  As the song goes "The Little Red Caboose, Chug Chug Chug..."

midwest railway preservation society

MRPS is an all volunteer group of people dedicated to preserving our railroad past.  We are an Ohio not-for-profit corporation and holder of a 501(c)(3) designation.  Our goals are to collect, preserve, restore, display and operate railway equipment for the education and enjoyment of the public.  

MRPS is centered in Cleveland, located at 2800 West Third Street in the flats.  A historic roundhouse and railroad yard at this location has been ideal for our purposes.  It is here we are building a future for Cleveland's rail history.