4070 Committee

The Trustees of MRPS have formed a committee to direct and oversee the restoration of the 4070 locomotive. The committee, meeting at regular intervals, has been formulating a comprehensive outline of the project and defining specific areas that can be addressed individually or collectively.

Perhaps the most critical activity being addressed is fund raising to finance the project. Recent donations totaling over $700 have been added into the restoration fund, but the committee is brainstorming ideas to accelerate income.

Research is underway regarding whether the locomotive should be restored to run with coal or be converted to run with oil. There are advantages to both methods but it will be up to the committee to present all of the facts to the Board so the Trustees can make an informed decision on which direction to proceed.

Since the roundhouse has re-opened to volunteers, members have been sorting through the storage buildings and box cars to identify and tag parts so they can be inspected for restoration. Work groups will be incorporated and led by group leaders to facilitate multiple tasks simultaneously.

Currently, volunteers have found all of the parts for the smoke box cover and they are being cleaned, painted and assembled. It will then be mounted to a stand and bolted to the wall and will serve as a photo op and centerpiece for donations to the 4070 Restoration Fund. Work will then continue on the cab and the tender.

The committee members are Steve Korpos, Steve Emling, Pete Stojsavljevic, Greg Antz, Ken McCown, and Mitch Karibinus. Anyone that has a desire to help with this project should contact the office. A variety of skills are needed, but it is also a great opportunity to learn some new skills in the process. Volunteer crew calls appear in the weekly weekend work notice that also contains a link which enables you to sign up directly for specific projects. Please consider lending a hand. We can use many!