4070 Progress (Update 1)

GTW 4070 Cab

While efforts are underway to locate, inspect and catalog all of the parts that have been removed from 4070 and put in storage, crews are being formed to work on other areas of the restoration project. In December the cab of 4070 was brought into the roundhouse where volunteers began stripping the interior of remaining parts and wood paneling. When finished, the steel structure will be sand blasted and rusted panels will be replaced in preparation for reconstruction of the interior.

Also on slate to begin is reconstruction of 4070's tender. A donor has come forward that will provide the steel needed for the job and replacement 100 ton truck assemblies on site will be rebuilt for the tender.

Although these two projects are separate from the main work required to the locomotive, they can be performed with minimal cash flow while still making progress on the overall project.

The interior of 4070's cab prior to stripping

Seized bolts are being cut to allow removal of bracketry and interior wood panels

Dave Bartsche works to remove one of the arm rests

The 4070 tender sits outside of stall 6

Parts and wood removed from the cab's interior sit on the roundhouse floor. The parts were photographed before their removal to document location for reassembly.