4070 Progress (Update 2)

Volunteers continue working on the cab of 4070. One side panel has been removed and is being used as a template for construction of the replacement. The restoration is being done in sections to preserve the structural integrity of the cab. In order to expedite this project we are considering adding Wednesday work sessions to the schedule.

Parts in storage are still being cataloged for future reference in order to facilitate planning. There is also an opportunity for an experienced draftsperson to create drawings of some parts that may require an accurate layout of hole locations or cut-outs.

Anyone interested in helping out on this project can sign up online using Signup Genius. A link to the program is included in the weekly Saturday work email to members. If you are unsure of your abilities but want to help out, contact us and we will let you know how we can utilize your talents. 

A volunteer grinds off the remaining bolt heads on one side panel

The panel rests against the cab structure after being removed

Nuts are being ground off to facilitate removal of the original brass window frames

Vertical support angles are added for temporary support during reconstruction

Inspection of the roof structure takes place from the top down

The new side panel is being fitted in place