4070 Update

Work is continuing on 4070. During September, as weather permitted, the locomotive was pulled out of stall four so that work could continue on burning the rivets for removal of the smoke box. There is a large number of rivets and it is a slow process. Moving the locomotive outside limited the possibility of a fire caused by the sparks generated during this process. To facilitate safety, a volunteer is on fire watch duty hosing the ground around the work area to further minimize the risk. Initially, the crew experienced problems during the burning process and decided to look for an alternate method. It is important to note that during this process, damage to the adjoining steel is minimized. Greg Antz, who is leading this portion of the project, explained that because the smoke box and rivets are of a similar steel it was hard to differentiate between the two while burning. Greg was given some assistance from our friends at American Steam. They are the group that is performing the restoration of the Reading Railroad steam locomotive 2100 in stall two of the roundhouse. Their suggestions were helpful. Once the rivets have been removed, work will continue by removing the smoke box and a new one will be rolled and readied for installation later on in this project. Following this, the next step willbe the removal of the tube sheet and the dry pipe. The tube sheet will be replaced with a new one. Lincoln Electric will donate their services for the cutting process. The hope is that most of this work will be completed before winter sets in.