4070 Update

Although the Grand Trunk Western 4070 steam locomotive is temporarily sitting outside waiting for an open stall inside the roundhouse, the restoration project continues.  As mentioned earlier in this newsletter, Charley Segley is forming Saturday work crews to bring parts from storage inside so that they can be cleaned, inspected and painted.
After cleaning, moving parts will be sent to the machine shop for inspection and if required will be repaired as necessary to bring them back into specification.  Oversized holes will be machined for press fit bushings that have the proper sized holes.
The current work is tedious; find, fetch and clean, but it is necessary and allows us to catalog and store the parts in as new condition so that when we are ready to start re-assembly the project will move at a quicker pace.
If you would like to become part of this work crew, you just need to be an active member and attend one of the two safety classes that will be held on site in February.  You will also need safety shoes, safety glasses and leather gloves or leather palm gloves.  Some tasks may require wearing a hard hat, but there are some on site that can be used.  Dress accordingly for the weather since some of the work will be outdoors and even inside the roundhouse temperatures can be somewhat chilly during the winter months.
Be sure to watch the weekly email for the 4070 work crew calls.