America, Palm Point, and Glenwillow Updates

Glenwillow Station Phase 2

Glenwillow Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Glenwillow Depot project was begun in September. Repainting of the exterior began with removing of the old paint that also included lead abatement. Midwest is acting as general contractor for all three phases of the project.


 In our efforts to complete outdoor projects before the weather turns cold and rainy, some of the work on the "America" has taken a back seat. There is still plenty to do and  we are targeting completion prior to spring of 2021. A comprehensive to-do list has been posted on the outside of the car for interested volunteers to choose assignments.

The updated total for all donations to the "America Fund" to date is $25,519.90. The Board of MRPS wishes to thank everyone for their kind contributions. Midwest is still accepting donations that will be used to complete the work that has been ongoing as well as for future maintenance. New kitchen appliances have yet to be purchased, and that alone will use up a large portion of the donations.

Palm Point Update

It has been awhile since we updated progress on the restoration of Palm Point. Although work on the car was stopped earlier this year, the owners are working towards forming a non-profit organization for the benefit of the car and are hoping to apply for grants to help with raising the necessary funds. They are hoping to get back to work in the near future.

Palm Point