"America" Update

The walls of the dining room are being painted now that the repair work has been completed

Work continues on the "America" and continues to be a high priority for Midwest.

Wall panel repairs have been completed along with wallpaper repair and replacement in the dining room. The lounge interior walls are still undergoing repairs similar to those performed in the dining room where required due to water damage. Peeling paint has been scraped and the walls are being repainted. Upon completion the car will be given a thorough cleaning throughout.

The HVAC system was recently inspected to determine the necessary repairs. After pressurizing the system, the blowers became functional but it was then determined that there is a slow leak in the system causing it to fail. The leaks need to be found and repaired before the system can be recharged.

To continue making progress, it has been decided to remove stainless steel wall panels and mounting strips from the Amtrak dining car that is in storage for use in the kitchen. This process will save Midwest a few thousand dollars while fund raising continues for the purchase of new appliances. The panels from the kitchen car can be easily replaced when restoration of the Amtrak car is resumed.

Another big job yet to begin is replacement of the double window seals that have deteriorated over time causing the panes to fog up. The hope is that the windows can be cleaned and reinstalled with new seals without having to replace any window panes.

There is still much to do before the car is ready for private excursions. President Steve Emling and Executive Director Steve Korpos attended the annual RPCA Conference in January that was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico and networked with other private rail car owners for future partnering opportunities as well as pointers on marketing. 

The hope was to have all repairs completed this winter so the "America" could start operating on excursion trips this summer. At this time it is doubtful that the car will be ready. Funds are lacking, slowing down progress in areas where items need to be purchased.

Volunteer help is needed and will be greatly appreciated. Let us know if there is anything you can do to help complete this project with labor or cash donations.

Stainless steel panels in the Amtrak kitchen car are slated to be utilized as new wall panels in the "America" kitchen area to continue modernization while raising funds for new appliances