America Update

During deconstruction of the wall behind the shower stall a few treasures were found that were hidden during the last remodeling of the car. The items included a jumper HEP cable, a brand new light fixture and a brand new in the box soap and shampoo dispenser and shower head that will be put to good use.

Although the roundhouse has been closed to volunteers for more than a month MRPS was able to bring in some contract help to continue with the inspection of the air conditioning system. It had been determined last year by pressurizing the system that there was a leak somewhere in the system but at that time the leak was not tracked down. 

The contractors recently were able to find the leak and perform the needed repairs. They then flushed the system with nitrogen, preparing it to be recharged with coolant. Management now is researching how best to proceed in terms of coolant type and costs. Once the system is recharged the final test will be whether it holds pressure. Since the system has not run for an extended period, with the leak there is the possibility that seals throughout the system could have deteriorated to the point where they need to be replaced. Fingers crossed that that is not the case!

We have also been in discussions with Dubick Fixture & Supply regarding the new kitchen layout. Cad drawings are being generated as well as cost estimates based on the appliances suggested for the railroad excursion application. This will allow us to plan for rewiring and plumbing in advance of purchasing and installation.

It was discovered previously that there was a leak in the shower stall of the crew quarters that had generated mold behind the stall. The shower had been disassembled, the drywall removed and the mold abated. The shower is being reconfigured to facilitate new plumbing. The old drywall will be replaced with bathroom approved wall covering before the shower stall is reinstalled. 

Progress is being made and we look forward to the day when we can once again get our volunteers back to work on this project.