America Update

Work continues on the America.  A new hot water heater was purchased and installed that will service the kitchen and crew quarters. When researching replacements, it was determined that the old heater likely didn't have the capacity to provide sufficient hot water for that area of the car. The new heater will have more than enough capacity even with the redesigned kitchen. The bathrooms and shower at the opposite end of the car run off of a different heater that is sufficient for that area.

Plumbing also had to be replaced in the crew bathroom when leaks were discovered while working on installing the new water heater. Like most projects of this scope, it is two steps forward, one step back.

The exterior of the car was given a thorough inspection resulting in one side requiring repainting. Cracked and peeling paint has been sanded and prepped and we will check with our supplier for a proper color match. The opposite side of the car only needs to be touched up in a few areas.

We are still in need of donations to help us to complete the project. The matching goal is close to being met, and if we can surpass our goal any excess funds will be used for future maintenance on the car.

The new hot water heater has been installed and the temperature can be adjusted by remote control.

New plumbing has been completed in the crew bathroom