For the past six years Horizon Rail, LLC has leased space from Midwest Railway Preservation Society in the Historic B&O Roundhouse. A new lease agreement was presented to Horizon in January and it was their decision to acquire their own facility instead and to vacate the roundhouse by the end of their current lease term of May 31 st of this year. Horizon Rail had outgrown the space available in the roundhouse and storage space in our rail yard has become scarce due to our ongoing projects. Midwest Railway Preservation Society wishes Horizon Rail all of the success they rightly deserve in their new facility going forward.

We would also like to announce at this time that Midwest Railway Preservation Society and American Steam Railroad have reached a verbal agreement to extend their lease in the roundhouse where they continue restoration work on the Reading Railroad 2100 steam locomotive. Their current lease runs through October of this year, and the new lease will run through October of 2020.