April Fool's Revisited

Periodically, readers of Marker Lights send feedback on certain articles that catch their attention, sometimes to add their input based on personal knowlege.

Recently, "Nancy" asked us how we could make an April Fool's Joke out of the JDNX 50 cab. As it turns out, "Nancy" was the former owner of the locomotive that the cab was removed from. She filled us in on the origin of the painted lettering. "J" represented her daughter Joyce, "D" was for Darrell, her top service tech and of course "N" stood for Nancy. She added that the crew worked out of the old Newburgh and South Shore Railway roundhouse on East 71st Street. Nancy has a rich railroad heritage explaining that her great great grandpa, her great grandpa, her grandpa, and her father were all railroaders working in the yards and offices of the B&O, Nickel Plate and Norfolk Southern railroads. Nancy contributed the photo of the locomotive (cab installed) in operation that is shown above right.

Nancy mentioned that she enjoys reading Marker Lights and wishes Midwest much success in the years to come. She wants us to keep those "Iron Horses" alive and going. And although it looked as though the cab was sitting outside on the scrap heap, she was informed that MRPS has plans to one day restore it as a static display with a partially intact interior as a photo op for our younger visitors.