Co-operation in Restoration

One item that is always in short supply at the railyard is an abundance of usable ties. Occasionally, we may get some decent usable ties from CSX but never enough to cover maintenance or expansion.
In August, MRPS and American Steam Railroad came to an agreement where ASR would barter a large number of reclaimed relay and switch ties in exchange for goods and services. The ties were recently donated to ASR and their value as agreed upon by both organizations would be used by ASR to help offset outside track storage, occasional short term stall rent and equipment rental needed to perform work on Reading T1 2100.

Ties are piling up, and soon will be used to replace the storage track above the sewer line that was ripped out earlier this year as well as additional tracks into the roundhouse stalls. Another track that would run parallel to CSX bid 5 west of the building is in the planning stages. There may not be enough ties to complete everything on our list, but we will be off to a good start.

The barter agreement is a win-win situation for both MRPS and ASR. Midwest gets much needed ties and ASR gets to save some money that can be used to continue their restoration efforts on the locomotive. It is a good thing for railfans everywhere when organizations like ours with similar goals can work together to restore and preserve our rich rail heritage.