Crunch Time!

CTVX 62 and 90 occupied stalls 3 and 4 in the roundhouse while volunteers work hard to complete unfinished tasks prior to inspection by CSX for lease commitments. This was one of the few times both vintage cars sat side by side inside the facility.

Readers of Marker Lights are well aware of Midwest's ongoing efforts to complete the exterior restoration of CTVX passenger car Number 90. A grant awarded from the Emery Rail Heritage Trust for $18,000 enabled the organization to begin the process. Although the grant was not enough to cover the complete cost of the project, it did allow us to perform repairs to the exterior of the car that included sandblasting and repainting the entire car as well as replacement of all four doors. The interior of the car was given a thorough cleaning that included steam cleaning the seats, washing the walls and waxing the floor.

While the ongoing work to Number 90 got most of the attention in the newsletter, just as important was the work performed on CTVX passenger car Number 62. The car was moved into the roundhouse in August to begin repair work on one of the truck assemblies  and remove the brake valves so they could be sent out for their scheduled rebuild. While the car was in the roundhouse the interior was given a thorough cleaning as well and some minor repairs were performed to the roof before a new roof coating was applied. The exterior was given a good cleaning and some of the wooden window frames were repainted.

Volunteers were behind the eight ball to get all of the work completed on both cars due to lease commitments to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) for their annual Steam in the Valley events in September and then immediate delivery to the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad (LM&M) in Lebanon, Ohio for their fall color. It came down to the wire, but both cars were completed in time for their scheduled inspection by CSX to ensure that they were road worthy for pick-up and delivery.

The money generated by the lease of these two cars will help fund ongoing maintenance and restoration projects. Efforts are currently underway to apply for grant money that would allow us to perform a thorough exterior restoration of Number 62 and also our Pullman Parlor Car Mt. Baxter.

Steve Korpos and Pete Stojsavljevic layout holes for the hardware on one of the new doors for number 90

the car's interior sparkles from a thorough cleaning

CTVX 90 shows off the results of its' recently completed exterior restoration

CTVX 62 sits on the turntable after work was completed and it was pulled out of the roundhouse