Grant Awarded to Midwest

Midwest has been awarded a grant from the John H. Emery Rail Heritage Trust in the amount of $18,000. John Emery was an avid rail enthusiast who enjoyed riding trains the world over. The Trust was founded in order to help preserve rail equipment and infrastructure to allow future generations to share the experience of the "Golden Age" of rail travel, from 1920 to 1960.

Thirty-seven applications were received and after consideration by the Trust, Twenty-nine grants were awarded totaling $500,000. The John H. Emery Rail Heritage Trust is the largest trust in the United States that makes 100% of its' awards for the sole purpose of railroad restoration.

This was the first time that MRPS had applied for this grant, and due to the combined efforts of Ken McCown, Lynda Kelly, Steve Korpos and Bill O'Brien we were successful.
The money awarded will be used for repairs to car No. 90 and Mt. Baxter. Sand blasting, painting and wood repair to the windows will be performed on No. 90 and if possible, repairs to the doors as well. All grant money will be used in accordance with the grant specifications and any surplus funds from No. 90 will be used for repairs to Mt. Baxter.