It's Alive!

We have power to the turntable! Final electrical connections have been made and after many years of rotating the turntable by pulling it with a bulldozer, it can now run under its' own power. many thanks to Earl Gottlieb, Tom Gross, Tom Renner, Tom Hunt and Steve Korpos for the hours they put in to bring this project to fruition. Also, special thanks to Sid Workman who was instrumental in getting the turntable motor donated to Midwest from Arcelor-Mittal where he works.

The last time the turntable ran under its' own power was around ten years ago. As Steve Korpos remembers, he had just recently joined Midwest and the turntable was run electrically only a couple of times before the motor failed. Back then in order to get power to the turntable they had to run an extension chord because there was no permanent power line.

There is still a lot of work to do to make the turntable run more smoothly. The rails need to be leveled and most of the ties need to be replaced. The main bearing needs to be inspected and the decking is need of replacement. It all takes time, but having the capability to run electrically is one giant step forward.