New Arrival on Site

The Chippewa Creek sits on the lead after delivery to Midwest. This photo shows the compartment side of the car.

Midwest Railway Preservation Society and The Catalpa Falls Group, LLC have reached an agreement for storage of the Chippewa Creek Pullman passenger car at our facilities during its' restoration. 

The Chippewa Creek, originally ordered by the Pennsylvania Railroad and numbered 8369 was delivered in 1949 for the Broadway Limited and is the only surviving car of its' kind of the 24 car Creek series built by Pullman. The car came fitted for 12 duplex single rooms and four double bedrooms. The Broadway Limited was at one time the flagship route for the Pennsy System and ran as an all-Pullman train until 1967. The Broadway Limited made its' last run on Amtrak on September 9, 1995.

The Catalpa Falls Group has a number of cars in its' possession, one of which, the Catalpa Falls, is fully restored and in service on excursion trips. The Catalpa Falls was another of the Pullman cars ordered after World War II and delivered in 1949 for the Broadway Limited. A bedroom lounge car, its' original PRR number was 8404. The Group has plans to eventually restore nine cars including a baggage car and hopes to one day operate a complete Broadway Limited excursion train.

Complete restoration of the Chippewa Creek is anticipated to take three years. Midwest will assist in the restoration by providing labor and services for sandblasting, painting and truck work to name just a few. The Historic B&O Roundhouse provides the perfect setting for this restoration because it is equipped with heavy lifting jacks and other ancillary equipment and Midwest personnel are highly qualified and have the experience to do the work. 

The Chippewa Creek the hallway side of the car is shown

The plaque shown in the photo above right is mounted next to the vestibule at the "B" end of the car.

Photo credit (above), Cody Orr. The privately owned Pullman car Catalpa Falls is shown above. This photo was taken during an excursion trip last summer. The car is painted in its' original Pennsylvania Railroad scheme of Tuscan Red and Gold.