NKP 62 "The Death Car"

As Halloween approaches, it seems like a good time to mention the history and hauntings of the Nickle Plate Road Coach #62. The coach was built in 1934 in a time when railroads were actively trying to recruit passengers. In August 1943 the passenger train running late collided with a freight train in Wayland, New York. There are many different accounts of the details and what actually happened, but all are very similar in nature. The 62 Coach with windows opened or shattered came to rest next to the steam freight locomotive. The locomotive was severely damaged and released the steam from the boiler directly into the 62 Coach. Passengers were essentially boiled alive. Over 26 people died in the accident. Today it is said that 17 spirits inhabit this car. The car is regularly used for rides and can also be investigated several times throughout the year during the Paranormal Nights event. Tickets can be purchased on the site.

September 9, 2018 WEWS Article: Article
September 13, 2018 Article from the Chronicle Express: Article