Please Help Us Restore the Roundhouse!

The photo above of stalls 6 through 10 was taken a few years ago before the restoration process of this section was begun. Since then a lot of progress has been accomplished but there is still a long way to go before it is completed. 
The photos below illustrate some of the progress that has been made in the restoration. The vertical columns have been squared and repaired as necessary including welding of original cast iron columns that supported the doors.. Support scaffolding has been removed. Rotted roof timbers have been replaced with new custom sawed wood to match the original structure in stalls 6 and 7 along with replacement of the upper façade above the doorways.

Track has been completed into stalls 6 through 8 and ceiling lighting has been installed to facilitate the use of this area for projects under cover.

There is still a lot of work to be done before this section of roundhouse is fully restored. The brick wall at stall 10 still needs to be reconstructed as well as the roof section there. Roof timbers still need replacement in stalls 8 through 10 as well as lighting, power and eventually the installation of a locomotive sized paint booth that was donated by General Electric. 

We are asking for your help in completing this project. Midwest has applied for grants and is continuing to seek funding, but in order to keep making progress in the interim, we are asking for donations or your support of the ongoing Building Fund activities.

Cash donations are always welcome, but you can also help by taking part in our current fundraising activities.

All proceeds from these two activities go to the Building Fund for the roundhouse restoration. Your participation in any way is greatly appreciated. Remember, all monetary donations are fully tax deductible. Please consider helping us achieve our goal for total restoration! Guitar Tickets:




Our third annual custom guitar raffle is underway with this years edition being a bass guitar complete with amplifier and hard sided case. The guitar body is made from an original beam from the roundhouse and was made and donated by member Sid Workman. Tickets are $30.00 apiece and are available at open houses, on-line or in person on site. The drawing will be held at a December open house.

Another fund raising activity is the sale of the Official 24k Gold Slim Twist B&O Railroad Roundhouse Beam Pens made and donated by Woodwrite Pens and Accessories. The pens like the guitar body are made from an original beam from the roundhouse and comes with a black Cross style medium refill and a certificate of authenticity. The cost is $65.00 and are available directly from Woodwrite Pens and at Midwest open houses, on-line or in person on site.