A Recent Saturday at the Roundhouse

Every week an email is sent to all active members of Midwest outlining the planned projects for the coming Saturday, the day when most active members come to volunteer their time. Projects are determined based on priority, volunteers available and the weather.
On Saturday January 26th, there were enough volunteers available to form a number of work groups.  A lot of switching needed to be done in the yard so crews were formed by Steve Emling to operate the trackmobile, the Alco 123 and the bulldozer for rotating the turntable. Jon Jaros of Horizon Rail also chipped in with the use of his trackmobile since a number of the moves involved his and his customer's equipment. The crews braved the cold temperatures and the icy ground and worked through quite a few weather related difficulties to complete their tasks.
Charley Sedgley led a group of volunteers to bring a number of parts previously removed from the Grand Trunk Western 4070 steam locomotive from the warehouse and storage containers into the roundhouse for cleaning, sorting and staging for eventual re-assembly.
Ongoing work was performed on rebuilding the couplers on another one of our trackmobiles so we can get it back into service in the yard. KMT Machine provided the necessary machining and made a new pin for the assembly while Mark Billey lent a hand along with a few others.
The volunteers were all treated to a hearty chili for lunch courtesy of the MRPS gift shop and cooked up by Chef Ken McCown.
There are always things to do here at the roundhouse so if you have the time to help out, come on down.  Keep an eye out for the weekly email to see what's planned for upcoming Saturdays.