Roundhouse Restoration Resumes

Restoration of stalls 6 through 10 of the Historic B&O Roundhouse began in 2017 with an influx of money into the restoration fund that came through the donation of rail from the Ford plant in Brook Park. Much progress was made but the project stalled when money ran out.

Preparation to continue with the restoration began in July by removing unnecessary steel bracing from the squaring of the stall 8 columns and moving items that were stored there. Some lumber remained from the previous efforts and additional lumber was purchased and is in stock. In order to match the original design specs, lumber had to be specially cut to order through an Amish supplier in Middlefield.

By the end of July, the stalls had been cleared out and work was about to begin on assembling the new roof joists.

Workers remove steel bracing in stall 8

Special cut lumber for the restoration sits on our stake-bed truck "Tigger"

Steel bracing on the outer wall of stalls 9 and 10 will be removed as the restoration progresses.

The photo taken from stall 11 shows the end of the stall 10 wall and the beginning of the stall 11 wall. When B&O added stalls 11 through 15, they increased the length to 110 feet.