RPCA Conference Awarded to Midwest for 2022

Ever since Midwest representatives Steve Emling and Steve Korpos returned from the annual Railroad Passenger Car Alliance Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico earlier this year, the Board has been working on a comprehensive proposal aimed at hosting the conference in 2022.  That conference will be the 40th anniversary of the RPCA that originated here in Bellevue, Ohio.

The original proposal was submitted in April followed by an updated proposal in July prior to the RPCA annual Board meeting that took place on Saturday July 25th via Zoom. MRPS representatives Steve Korpos, Steve Emling and Ken Yandek sat in on the meeting during which the proposal was approved and the conference was awarded to Midwest.

Now that we have the official word that we will be hosting the conference, the real work begins. All of the work put in by the Conference Committee resulted in finding an acceptable hotel to serve for accommodations, meetings, classes and the banquet. A list of activities has been presented along with a basic schedule of events that will need to be firmed up as we move along. 

We will be needing a lot of help along the way in order to make this a successful event. Volunteers will be required to assist at the hotel for conference registration as well as other activities.  Any members willing to assist in any portion of this endeavor should contact the office by phone or email, especially if you have any experience event planning.

Hosting this conference will be a big feather in Midwest's engineers hat. A successful event will provide a lot of good publicity as well as exposure nationwide. Help us succeed!