Sponsor a Repair

Midwest's efforts to restore the Historic B&O Roundhouse, 4070 and other unique pieces of rolling stock require the use of ancillary equipment such as fork lifts, man lifts, tractors, generators, pressure washers and many more too numerous to list. Even our smaller items such as lawn mowers break down. Keeping the equipment running is time consuming and often times forces us to shift funds from a particular project to parts and repair for a piece of equipment that may not even be in use on that project. 
Any members that want to contribute to the organization but do not have the time to volunteer or think they may not have the proper skills required to assist with repair efforts can help out by sponsoring a repair. There is a list of repairs that are currently on hold due to a lack of funds in the maintenance budget. If you are interested in sponsoring a repair please contact the office at 216-781-3629 or by email at midwestrailway@gmail.com and inquire about parts required and the funds necessary to procure them. Donations are tax deductible and will receive acknowledgement in future issues of Marker Light.