Storage Track Demolition

The photo of the turntable below was taken last winter and shows a frozen pond below the steel structure of the bridge. The drain replacement should make these occurrences a thing of the past.

Midwest made good use of the mild mid-January weather by assigning a work crew to tear out a large portion of the storage track next to the roundhouse.

For years, MRPS has been plagued by problems caused by flooding of the turntable pit. The drain line running from the pit has been badly clogged with a section of it damaged to the point where it needs replacement. Because of this we have been dependent on external sump pumps to drain the pit as it fills with ground water, rain water and melting snow. During some winters when the pump failed, the pit would fill and ice up to the extent that the turntable was unusable until the spring thaw. 

After much investigation, it was found that the drain runs beneath the storage track and connects to the sewer line. Unfortunately, in order to perform the repairs, brickwork at the floor of the pit needs to be dug up as well as the ground beneath the track. Now that the track has been tore up, the real work can begin.

The storage track was in great need of maintenance with many of the ties badly rotted. The replacement of the turntable drain also requires rebuilding of the storage track allowing us to cross two items off of MSRP's lengthy to-do list once completed.

Greg Antz cuts through the rail

Volunteers pull spikes

After the spikes were removed the long welded sections of rail were lifted using the crane and set aside for later replacement

The ties sans rail prior to removing them using our forklift, "Big Red"