midwest railway preservation society

Monthly donation plan of (12) $50 contributions.

B&O Roundhouse 

full building restoration

The Roundhouse was built at the turn of the century to accommodate Cleveland's expansive rail service.  Today the building is the base of operations for MRPS.  The building is servicing locomotives, used much in the same manner, although we use the facility for restoration work rather than daily maintenance.  The building originally housed 15 stalls.  Today 10 stalls exist.  We are driven to restore the entire building back to its original condition plus some enhancements.  Enhancements would include developing a state of the art locomotive service station. We want to rebuild the damaged stall areas 11 - 15 to accommodate this service area which will be an open floor plan.  This open floor plan will allow us to utilize heavy crane equipment to move these massive locomotive engines and parts.  Another repair included in the Roundhouse restoration is or turntable.

​We can get the building useful with about $150,000.00.  We would like to ask every member to donate $550 in either a lump sum or in payments for 6 months.

Remember that your donations will be going to preserving a historical railway building and your donations are tax deductible.

Click on the donate button and you will be transferred to a secure online payment platform.  Thank you for your generous donation to preserve a piece of history.

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