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Advocating the preservation component of MRPS

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Advocating the importance of Cleveland's and the nation's railroad history​

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Grand Trunk Western #4070 Mikado, the heart and soul of the Midwest Railway Preservation Society.

The Historic B&O Roundhouse, built in the early 20th Century and the home of MRPS

Chapter 123 of the 1826 Session Laws of Maryland, passed February 28, 1827, and the Commonwealth of Virginia on March 8, 1827, chartered the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company, with the task of building a railroad from the port of Baltimore west to a suitable point on the Ohio River. The railroad, formally incorporated April 24, 1827, was intended to provide not only an alternative to, but also a faster route for Midwestern goods to reach the East Coast than the seven-year-old, hugely successful, but slow Erie Canal across upstate New York.  The Baltimore & Ohio was the first chartered railroad in the United States.

Philip Thomas and George Brown were the pioneers of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.  They spent the year 1826 investigating railway enterprises in England, which were at that time being tested in a comprehensive fashion as commercial ventures.  Their investigation completed, they held an organizational meeting on February 12, 1827, including about twenty-five citizens, most of whom were Baltimore merchants or bankers.  After incorporation on April 24, 1827, Thomas was elected as the first president and Brown the treasurer.

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You can now make a charitable donation to the Midwest Railway Preservation Society online.MRPS is a charitable, educational 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible.We hope your visit to this website and/or the Roundhouse encourages you to support our efforts and our vision - and we hope you share our passion for what our project will mean to the community and especially to young people.
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