Types of Railcar Services

  • Amtrak Inspections for passenger railcars
  • Brake system maintenance and repair
  • Wheel bearing maintenance and repair
  • Steel & Metal Fabrication of parts and components
  • Repairing or replacing railcar body damage
  • HVAC Heating and Cooling systems maintenance and repair
  • Electrical systems
  • Head End Power (H.E.P.)
  • 40-year Passenger Truck Frame Rebuild
  • Railcar Storage 

railcar repair & restoration service

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We provide affordable railcar services.  We have been established for over 60 years and dedicated and proudly serving the railroad industry. Our clients range from individual collectors and business man & women to commercial railroad companies that outsource locomotive and railcar services.  Because we know trains inside and out, we are able to completely rebuild locomotives and railcars of any type or age from the bottom up.  We know, love, and passionate about everything relating to the railroad industry.

Railcar Customer Profile

We provide experience and affordability to both commercial companies and privately-owned railcar owners.  For commercial companies that need a dependable and experienced railcar service that can swiftly get your railcar back into production, we are your affordable alternative.  We did an analysis of the national average for railcar maintenance and repair labor costs and discovered that our labor costs were lower than any of our competitors in the market.  We pride ourselves in being fair to our clients and have a desire to build long term relationships with our customers in the railroad industry.  Contact us now to start saving on costs that make a difference to your company's bottom line.  

Private owners of locomotives or railcars can turn to a trusted railway restoration company.  We have been here for decades and growing at a pace that proves that we will be here for decades to come.  We have private railcar owners that invest into business projects such as restoring dining and kitchen railcars for passenger use.  We also have clients that are passionate about the railroad history and have a desire to restore vintage steam locomotives, railcars, and the caboose.  We own our very own historical roundhouse where we house your train car from the outside elements.  Our services include the 40-Year Truck Rebuild requirement for owners of passenger railcars. We have the experienced mechanics, the right tools and equipment, and the passion to bring your project to life.   

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