The Roundhouse was built at the turn of the century to accommodate Cleveland's expansive rail service.  Today the building is the base of operations for MRPS.  The building is servicing locomotives, used much in the same manner, although we use the facility for restoration work rather than daily maintenance.  The building originally housed 15 stalls.  Today 10 stalls exist.  We are driven to restore the entire building back to its original condition plus some enhancements.  Enhancements would include developing a state of the art locomotive service station. We want to rebuild the damaged stall areas 11 - 15 to accommodate this service area which will be an open floor plan.  This open floor plan will allow us to utilize heavy crane equipment to move these massive locomotive engines and parts.  Another repair included in the Roundhouse restoration is or turntable.

​We can get the building useful with about $150,000.00.  We would like to ask every member to donate $550 in either a lump sum or in payments for 6 months.

Remember that your donations will be going to preserving a historical railway building and your donations are tax deductible.

Click on the donate button and you will be transferred to a secure online payment platform.  Thank you for your generous donation to preserve a piece of history.



4070: a former Grand Trunk Western 1918 USRA light Mikado (2-8-2) steam locomotive that was featured in movie "The Natural."

Our goal is to bring the 4070 back to an operating condition.  It has been determined that this can be done but it will take time and money.  How much time will depend on how quickly monies can be obtained?  If the full amount required to do the restoration were available now, a fairly accurate time estimate is two years. 

The amount of money required comes to a sum of $1,290,000.00.  So you can see that we are faced with a major expense.  It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  And that first step is what we are undertaking now.  So please help get this grand locomotive back on the rails with a generous donation at this time.

Midwest Railway Preservation Society is a 501(c)(3) Ohio Not-For-Profit Corporation so your donation is tax deductible.  All monies contributed to the fund will be used exclusively for 4070 restoration.




Falls Junction (relocated in Glenwillow).  The freight platform is missing from the present day building, as are a few other details.  


Falls Junction depot was relocated to Glenwillow in 1892.  Over the past 114 years the ground level around the building was raised in concert with the track level.  The higher ground elevation placed surface water in direct contact with the wood supporting structure.  As a result, the wood deteriorated to a point beyond repair.

In order to save the building a portion of the wood floor and wall structure had to be completely replaced.  Photo right shows the building temporarily supported by several lally columns.  Masonry walls will be provided to support the floor of the freight house.

In late 2005 Mike Kole, a MRPS member and strong advocate for saving the building, orchestrated several groups to make the necessary repairs.  As it stands now, a masonry foundation was added and the building is structurally stable.  Compare this image to the before shot and one must be amazed with the transformation.  With the building stabilized it is now safe to begin the exterior and interior facade restoration.

The tan color seen at the building base is sheathing, a substrate material.  Wood siding, matching the existing profile, will be added over top.  Work also includes adding gutters, reworking windows/doors and providing landscaping.  Now, compare the building in 2006 with the photograph from 1906.  The freight platform is not present, nor is the water tower in the background or semaphore at the front box window.  The paint scheme has also been altered, noting the original darker accent color filled the entire base element below the window sills.