GTW #4070: The Midwest Railway Preservation Society

GTW #4070: The Midwest Railway Preservation Society: April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012

HS friend Tom, his wife Fran, and I get together. First time since 1963. We visit the Midwest Railway Preservation Society (MRPS) in Cleveland. This is my first visit to the 1905 B&O Roundhouse in Cleveland since late 1950's. Grand Trunk Western 4070 (aka 3734), a USRA light mikado, has been out of sight for many years. 4070 got fame for rescuing a train whose diesel failed. News media followed the story. Leased, later bought, 4070 then operated excursions for years. Main drive wheel and cylinders are at center of a problem that keeps her out of service these last several years. Lack of money, like $250,000, people, resources, slow repair, both of 4070, and the many other pieces of equipment of the MRPS. New young membership has reactivated MRPS. Great to see the roundhouse, 4070, and learn of the many pieces of railroad equipment that the Midwest Railway Preservation Society keeps. Thank you Steve and all members of the MRPS for sharing the projects being tackled. 03:20 The story is the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program in Cleveland using the roundhouse as their distribution center.