Midwest Preservation: Train to Kent Heritage Festival

Midwest Preservation: Train to Kent Heritage Festival 7/6/2013


This is the first time I've tried filming this yearly event, and all I'll say is studying Google Maps for a few hours really paid off! Power for this train was from Cleveland Commercial while the coaches were from Orville (the stainless steel ones, NYC, W&LE, ACL, & SBD heritage) and 2 heavyweights from Midwest. This trip would definitely go under my top 10 railfan trips, sense it went so smoothly. I actually got a few comments from some of the passengers as I was going to the Glenwillow depot to drop off a donation about how surprised they were at how well my dad & I kept up with the train, and I was too! There was about 4 different spots I saw railfans, but most of the time we were on our own. Later I'll upload a video of them putting the cars and power away for the day.