Historic B&O Roundhouse Historic B&O Roundhouse from the air.
Haunted Vehicles Project Episode 1 "Death Car" Haunted Vehicles Project Episode 1 "Death Car"
Mikado 4070 Mikado 4070
Midwest Preservation Switching 3/16/2013 Part 1 of 2 Got a call from BRW752 about a switch move that was going to happen at the Midwest Preservation Society in Cleveland, Ohio to set up for Next Week's open house (This Weekend, March 23rd), but the... More
Midwest Preservation Switching 3/16/2013 Part 2 of 2 Part 2! Plenty of switching left, and some engine troubles around 2:00 (Actually was a 20 minute delay, but the track mobile still died on them!) but all was resolved. Hoping you can make it out... More
GTW #4070: The Midwest Railway Preservation Society April 28, 2012 HS friend Tom, his wife Fran, and I get together. First time since 1963. We visit the Midwest Railway Preservation Society (MRPS) in Cleveland. This is my first visit to the 1905 B... More
MRPS Bridgeport-Tapping education at roundhouse machine shop Midwest Railway Preservation Society volunteers work on a Bridgeport milling within the machine shop. Machine Shop foreman Bob Scott teaches the class. Efforts focus on railway... More
Midwest Preservation: Train to Kent Heritage Festival 7/6/2013 This is the first time I've tried filming this yearly event, and all I'll say is studying Google Maps for a few hours really paid off! Power for this train was from Cleveland Commercial... More